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Hide And Seek Extreme GUI


Hide and Seek Extreme is a hide-and-seek genre game created by Tim7775 on January 18, 2015 with an ID of 205224386. It is a rework of older hide-and-seek games, possibly TwoShue's Hide n' Seek XL: Living Spaces. In this game, up to 13 players need to stay away (hide) from the seeker for a period of four minutes otherwise they will get caught and lose.

The hiders are then released into the selected map, spawned at the same location (which is mainly a secluded location in the map). The seeker will also be at the spawn location, "frozen" (not having the ability to move around the map), but can still watch the players hide. The hiders will be given a sixty-second period of time to hide. At the bottom left corner you can see how many studs the seeker is away from you inside the white rectangle if you are a hider and in the top right corner you can see how many hiders are currently alive and spectate the seeker.

After the sixty seconds have passed, then the seeker will be un-frozen and will now have the ability to move around the map. The seeker must find and catch all the hiders before the time runs out for the seeker for him or her to win. To catch a player, the seeker needs to make contact with the player. Alternatively, players can also be caught by resetting their character or leaving the server. If the timer runs out or the seeker leaves the server, then all the surviving hiders will win. If the seeker manages to catch all the hiders within the four minutes provided, then the seeker will win.

"It" Characters are loadouts, each of which having one of the four "It" abilities. These abilities are utilities which can be used to catch the players. Note that by default, "It" characters are normally slightly faster than the hiders. These abilities can be activated by pressing the [1] key or the bottom left corner.

This map takes place inside a bedroom which contains some drawers, a paper hat, a yellow ball above two brown books, a green carpet, paper, an orange plant with one coin inside it, a paper airplane, a football, a computer, a yellow snake, a globe, some penguins, a brown teddy bear, an UFO, a green dinosaur, an airplane, a TV, a yellow flashlight, a red apple, a golden statue holding a sword, two yellow bananas, one of them humanoid with big white eyes and a red opened smiling mouth, a yellow frowning minion next to a yellow phone book, a red guitar, a book shelf, a mouse hole in the wall with one coin inside it and a blue sofa with two bouncy white pillows and six coins on it. The best hiding location here is the open drawer which has a white ladder above it (doesn't lead to it), where there is a hole in the drawer which leads you to a top-secret hiding location for hiders with a teleporter which goes to a book shelf, and a teleporter leading to a high shelf spawns in the white pillow of the bunk bed that you can get to on the ladder. There's also another teleporter up at the bed (inside the pillow) which can lead to the opposite side, where you can find four coins and three more if you jump down to the cabinet with its right door opened, with the groundhog wearing a top hat and a moustache. There is also a drawer under the spawn location which appears to be closed but actually can be entered. Another great hiding location is behind the brown door where you can find one coin inside it. Everybody spawns inside the blue drawer which is filled with books.

This map takes place inside a store which has multiple shelves containing food and drinks like baked beans, a fire extinguisher, a taco truck outside, some lanterns, a boombox, a teleporter surrounded by two coins which leads to the ceiling with many coins there, a cash register with one coin on the top of it, a room filled with some boxes and two black vending machines which are holding coins on the top of them and Bloxxy Cola. The best hiding locations are the small gray square on the right side of the vending machines and the boxes behind a half-open door where you ca


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